19 gorgeous grey wallpaper ideas for a sophisticated space

We’ve rounded up our favorite grey wallpaper ideas which are both stylish and sophisticated to pay homage to gloriously on-trend hue. Grey interiors are definitely having a bit of a moment, and our obsession with this versatile color isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

After scrolling through our wallpaper ideas, you’ll realize just how much diversity there is in color, tone, texture, pattern and style. From charcoal moody motifs to dove grey dinosaurs and bold biophilic designs, covering your walls never looked so creative.

‘It’s important to note that grey doesn’t have to be one dimensional and flat. By choosing grey wallpaper rather than paint, you can create all kinds of textures and looks to suit your tastes and your room,’ says Brendan Young, co-founder and creative director, Mineheart.

‘The effect can be subtle or you can create something really bold, depending on your space. On the plainer end of the scale, you could opt for a ‘linen look’ grey wallpaper which creates a warm effect through the illusion of fabric on your walls.’

‘On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a grey feature wall you can bring in some color – perhaps with a floral design or a strong monochrome pattern.’


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