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Look around and you can find gingerbread house ideas just about anywhere online and offline. Sure, you could follow whatever directions are included in a gingerbread house making kit, but you’re already good with home improvement tools and maybe even crafted a DIY centerpiece, so why not think outside the box? This year, consider taking a more elevated approach to the traditional Christmas village house by adding extra detailing with icing to the front door or implementing  innovative candy accessories for decadent landscaping. You might even find decorating inspiration from precious childhood memories or perhaps a classic holiday film. Dare we suggest recreating an existing house in yummy gingerbread form?

“Instead of thinking in the context of a gingerbread house, start at zero and think of your dream home to spend the holidays with your family or friends,” suggests interior designer Kelly Wearstler. “This may begin with a specific design style or time period that you’d like to replicate. Then, you can consider different shapes, rooms, and features that you can start layering in—it is all about the fantasy.”

As with any DIY project, creating a gingerbread house takes some serious planning. You’ll likely need to do some sketches and crunch some numbers before the baking stage begins. This craft is not one to do hastily, cookie masonry will definitely take up a few hours, but the eye-catching results will pay off in the end, even if you have a mini mental breakdown halfway through the construction. 

Whether you’re looking for something to base your next gingerbread house on or just need some inspo for this year’s construction, peruse these 20 gingerbread house ideas as you build out your own sugar fantasy this holiday season.

1. Checkerboard all the way

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For Kelly Wearstler, gingerbread houses are a holiday staple. When conceptualizing her California-inspired gingerbread house last year, she created something that melded the Christmas tradition with her SoCal roots. “Individuality is key,” she emphasizes, encouraging people to break away from the typical mold. “I say create something that is personal to you and where you’ll be celebrating your holiday!”

2. Embrace the Eames house 

Midcentury-modern architecture at its sweetest, a gingerbread house by Mary Figueroa.

Photo: Mary Figueroa


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