35 Gifts for Artists That Will Wow the Creatives on Your List

When it comes to choosing gifts for artists, you may be in a quandary. Should you DIY the gift? Or opt for a fun DIY kit and art supplies? Or perhaps seek out a handy home-improvement tool, like a fancy new paint brush, that can assist with the giftee’s craft? Luckily, we’ve got you covered when it comes to unique gift ideas for the creatives in your life. These gifts for artists are suitable for beginners trying a new craft, someone who needs a nudge to get their creative juices flowing, or expert art connoisseurs who appreciate beautiful things.

Here, 35 of the best gifts for artists that any creative person will love, including yourself.

Bookend vase

Face Bookend Vase by Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney doesn’t disappoint when it comes to unique gifts. The collection of face vases, which also serve as bookends, are made from nontoxic ceramics by artisans that are paid fair wages. Ideal for holding flowers or paint brushes, whatever your fancy. 

A DIY kit to dye for 

Indigo & Shibori Natural Dye Kit

If your color wheel is stuck on blue, then this DIY dye kit is for you. It comes with instructions to make shibori patterns, as well as indigo pigment and other supplies suited for a beginner dyer.

Mural-like cutting board

Deny Designs Birch Wood Cutting Board

Those who appreciate a good mural will be impressed with this natural birchwood board that showcases art by Laura Fedorowicz. When the you’re not chopping away on the nontoxic matte prep side, display the semigloss imagery on your kitchen countertop. 

Abstract quilt

Thomson Street Studio Caspian Linen & Cotton Quilt

Embrace the color wheel with the bright tones that give this classic quilt a decidedly contemporary vibe. The handmade piece, made of lightweight linen and cotton, will fit just as well in a bedroom or on a couch as you cozy up with a mug of mulled wine. And if there are spills, no problem. This creation in pastels is machine washable. 

Jewelry organizer 

The bunny Anigram ring holder is the perfect gift for the organizer in your life. What’s more, the cute copper creature gives nod to the upcoming Year of the Rabbit.

A place to hang 

Opalhouse Hammock Rope Chair

The woven all-weather hammock is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to spend time suspended in creative thought. It works just as well indoors as it does on a porch.

Watercolor paint set

Professional Watercolor Set

Since watercolors have so many uses, they are a great gift idea. Use them on watercolor paper to crate art for your gallery wall or apply to a lamp shade for an unexpected DIY twist on home decor. Pair with a brush set for a complete ensemble. 

Gemstone suncatcher

Stained Glass Gemstone Suncatcher

This little art gift is a lovely touch for a studio window charm, that can also sub as an ornament during the holidays. The handmade items are inspired by gemstones and symbolize the healing powers of obsidian, amethyst, and moonstone.

Handcrafted placemats

For the bohemian artists on your list, bestow them with handcrafted cotton placemats made with hand-block printing, an ancient Indian technique. The indigo sunflower pattern can double as snowflakes for a holiday table setting. The thoughtful gift proves useful well past the holiday season.

Ceramic planters

For the plant parent who also appreciates fine art, look no further than this adorable set of six ceramic planters that are perfect for planting herbs, succulents, and other small blooms. It’s especially quaint as a birthday gift during the holiday season since it’s a creative take on a bouquet.

Statement T-Shirt

Rosie The Riveter T-Shirt

There is no better outfit to DIY in than a motivational T-shirt, like this version of the iconic “We Can Do It!” message. Gift it to an art teacher so she can inspire further. 

Frida Kahlo tote

MistWorld for Frida Kahlo Reusable Canvas Tote

Need a tote to carry a sketch pad and art books? You know the creative person on your list loves to doodle designs and browse for inspiration. Choose a tote with your loved one’s favorite artist, like Frida Kahlo. No need to wrap this great gift idea. 

Wall hanging

San Cristobal Wall Hanging

Wall decor makes for a thoughtful gift, and this bronze style of minimal, geometric shapes will finish any space. Each piece is cut by artisans in Santiago, Chile, and then assembled by Austin-based designer Corie Humble. 

Van Gogh–inspired puzzle for kids (or an art teacher)

Mudpuppy Vincat Van Gogh Artsy Cat Puzzle Tin

Fine art doesn’t have to be serious, at least not when it comes to this Van Gogh reinterpretation. The sweet kitty puzzle is a holiday gift that will keep a young art lover entertained so you can get busy with your own DIY projects. Though fair warning, the brightly pigmented puzzle does have its pull, so don’t be surprised if you drop everything and give a helping hand.

Cushy cushion

Mush Studios Blobular Cushion

Without a doubt the exclusive Ssense “Blobiest” cushion is a work of art. In fact, you may not want to part with this perfect gift, so buy one for yourself and one for your artist friend. 

Table runner

Opalhouse designed with Jungalow Soleil Table Runner

Setting a table is an art in and of itself. The pigmented table runner, with golden suns, is a cheery reminder that creativity is everywhere. 

Arts and Crafts bowl

Williams Sonoma X Morris & Co. Fruit Bowl

The print of the beloved 19th-century British designer William Morris, whose Arts and Crafts motif are translated to wallpaper and upholstery, are now applied to high-quality glazed stoneware that can be used to serve everything from nuts to holiday cookies. 

Block printing kit

Original Block Printing Kit

Whether you’re an art teacher or not, this block printing kit is perfect for anyone who likes to be hands-on. Practice with a series of eight block prints on watercolor paper, then take your talents to bigger projects like wrapping paper, fine art to hang on a gallery wall, holiday cards, and even DIY wallpaper.

A sculptural candle

The ceramic vessel of the Thompson Ferrier candle depicts bamboo details with sculptural quality. It was inspired by the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan, and represents strength, power, and family. Lighting the candle releases a decadent orange blossom scent that your loved ones are sure to love.

Etsy match holder

Black & White Match Holder

While candles make a great gift, surprise your giftee with something unexpected, yet extremely useful. These Etsy match holders come a variety of pigments and won’t cause a ruckus that comes with looking for a random match box to light a favorite wick. 

William Morris coasters

William Morris Patterns Coasters

The garden motifs by artist William Morris—Pomegranate, Jasmine, Blackthorn, and the much-admired Strawberry Thief—will be much appreciated by an artist friend who wouldn’t mind having these works of art adorn their coffee table.

Organic vases

Your favorite artist will appreciate the organic shapes of this contemporary vase selection that utilizes a special molding technique and eye-catching polished surfaces that will look as lovely on a nightstand as it would on a fireplace mantel.

A reversible throw

The immaculate stitching on the Bunny Williams hand-blocked throw is on par with fine art, or at the very least a very pretty wrapping paper with a lovely geometric repeat. 

Woodsy candlesticks

Whether you set up your holiday table with these taper candles or decide to show them off elsewhere, one thing’s for sure: These 100% beeswax creations are works of art, as each is hand-cast from maple sticks, then individually poured. 

Brush set

Kingart 8-Piece Brush Set

One of the best gifts for artists may be one that is understated, like a high-quality brush set. These are made with synthetic sable filament and work wonders with watercolors and acrylic paints. Use them for a DIY menorah or to craft an ornament. 

Limited-edition glasses

Twenty Tank Low Ball Glasses Set

This one-of-a-kind drinkware giftset is sure to become an heirloom. The hand-painted platinum brushstroke, in silver design, is applied by artisans in Poland. No doubt better than grabbing a gift card last minute. 

An embroidery kit

House Plants Embroidery Kit

This gift is idea for an art lover, a DIY’er, and a plant enthusiast. The embroidery kit features eight different illustrations of popular houseplants. You can make the project yourself and gift to a friend (it comes with a box and a ribbon) or give as is for your loved one to try their hand at different stitches.

Pop art neon lights

Bring the 1960s art scene into your abode with a statement piece from the Yellowpop x Andy Warhol collection. The original hibiscus blooms seen in the 1964 Flowers series pop even more with multicolor LED neon lights. Certainly a moment in art history. Plus, with only 500 pieces available, you know this is one of the most unique gift ideas.

Comfy lumbar pillow

The microfiber and foam combo of this blissfully soft, pastel-rainbow pillow is the cuddliest option for a bed or a couch. It works perfectly on those long car rides too. Bring on the cross-country family gatherings. 

Museum-worthy placemat

Designer Sandy Chilewich bestows a decidedly Mondrian motif on this MoMA exclusive placemat. The geometric cut-out forms will work in both a minimalist dining room or for a maximalist dinner party.

Sketch cloths

Swish Cloth Coffee Gift Design

Cute coffee illustrations will be much appreciated by your favorite artist. Not only are these Swedish dish cloths the perfect stocking stuffers, they are wonders for cleaning up. Each cloth can pick twenty times its weight in liquids, so your space will be squeaky clean in a jiffy. And once you’re ready to retire this hard worker, know that the plant-based material is completely biodegradable. 

Crystal diffuser

Crystal Diffuser by Antica Farmacista

The sculpted crystal silhouette of the diffuser reflects and scatters light like a prism, yet in an elegant way that radiates charm. Paired with the crisp Prosecco and passionfruit scent from the luxury fragrance company, Antica Farmacista, the diffuser is the ultimate high-quality gift idea, whether you’re an art lover or not.  

Murano glass earrings

Traditional craftsmanship never looked so good. These ancient Murano glass earrings make for a unique gift by fusing the old with the new. The lovely pastel purple glass jewelry will pair well with any little black dress, for New Year’s Eve parties and beyond. 

Hand-painted ornament

Hand painted glass oyster ornament

The delicate iridescent ornament is the ideal holiday gift for an art teacher, or a gift swap with an artist friend. Its pearlescent hand-painted work will easily elevate any Christmas tree.  

Marble bowl

Ruffle Marble Bowl – Small

Consider gifting a piece of art history with this rustic marble bowl that looks as if it beckons from ancient Greece. Athena would surely approve the piece for styling in a bedroom, bathroom, or the often-coveted catchall on a console in an entryway.  


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