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Choosing the right cabinetry color is an important decision that you must get right when you are installing kitchen cabinets.

Black is one of the options available; however, it is often not a popular choice amongst many homeowners. If you want to have a go at black kitchen cabinets, we will share all the information to influence your decision and the next steps.

Pros and Cons of Black Cabinetry

You are likely to be influenced by the color of the cabinets based on the expected benefits and drawbacks. Have a look at the leading pros and cons to help you decide your next move.

The Pros

A sophisticated look 

Black cabinetry is sophisticated and creates a complex look in your kitchen. You can pair them with other colors like off-white and pale gray to create a perfect touch of sophistication. This color scheme is often underrated yet it can create a feeling of excitement out of its complexity.

Therefore, you can use black kitchen cabinets to create a sophisticated kitchen space that is unique. It is a color that you will rarely find in many homes, thus, you can personalize the sophisticated touch.

Hide stain marks and scratches 

Just like all fixtures in your house, kitchen cabinets are prone to scratches. Wear and tear are normal yet can affect the aesthetics of a kitchen’s space. However, installing black kitchen cabinets can be a remedy for this problem. This is because the dark color hides scratches and stain marks.

In other words, using dark cabinetry will retain the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen even when there are spillages or scratch marks. It is a great benefit to homeowners that often use their kitchen space.

Great for contrasting light colors 

One important point of concern when renovating a kitchen is contrasting the right colors. Bright colors always feature in kitchen space and require dark cabinetry for contrast. The contrast of white and black kitchen cabinets can be a great way to maintain a minimalistic and elegant kitchen space.

Works well with metallic shades 

Black cabinets are nowadays used to incorporate luxurious accessories in the kitchen space. For example, you can add brass, silver, and gold against the black background, which will provide a great shining background. Therefore, black cabinets can be used to enhance beauty.

There are many other benefits that homeowners get when they install black kitchen cabinets. The above-mentioned benefits are just a few of the many benefits.

The Cons

Some homeowners still have reservations about black cabinetry. Even with all the benefits mentioned above, some people are still skeptical about this color scheme because of the following drawbacks.

Cleaning requirements ‘

Black cabinets rarely show dirt on their surface. This doesn’t mean that they don’t accumulate dirt on their surfaces. They require regular cleaning because the dirt accumulated must be removed to maintain a shiny look.

Therefore, you will have to create a cleaning schedule that ensures the unseen dirt is removed every day.

They don’t work well alone

In as much as black cabinets are great, you will need some bright fixtures to make them aesthetically appealing. They can’t work well alone. One of the things that homeowners must do is to think of a good pairing color scheme to improve the aesthetics of black kitchen cabinets.

Make the room feel smaller 

If you were to have an all-black kitchen, the room will feel much smaller than it is. Dark colors don’t reflect light, thus, inhibiting space exhibition. It is a drawback that works against small kitchen spaces that will feel even much smaller if dark colors were used.

However, if you have a large kitchen, installing black kitchen cabinets can do well because you also need to close up the large spaces to make the kitchen feel warm.

They scratch easily 

Dark cabinets are susceptible to scratches and fingerprints. You will need to clean your kitchen cabinets often to remove the scratches and fingerprint marks.

You may also be forced to add extra coats to protect your kitchen cabinets.

Who should install black kitchen cabinets?

Based on the pros and cons, you should be safe to install black kitchen cabinets if:

You have a large kitchen space

Any homeowner with a large kitchen space can install black cabinetry. This is because the black color will not affect the space negatively. Small spaces can suffer negative consequences because the black cabinets make them feel smaller.

You have sufficient lighting 

The other alternative to a large kitchen space is to have sufficient lighting. Since black cabinets don’t reflect light, you need more light to make your kitchen space appear bigger.

There are two light options i.e. natural light and artificial light fixtures. Natural light is the best option though it is expensive compared to adding artificial light fixtures.

You want a unique kitchen space

Black is a bold color that creates a sense of sophistication in your kitchen space. Therefore, you can use it to make your kitchen unique and stand out among others.

Tips to make the best out of your black kitchen cabinets

If you have resorted to using black cabinetry, you can use the following tips to make your kitchen better.

Mix with lighter colors 

You should add lighter shades to make the black kitchen cabinets aesthetically appealing. For example, you can have white and black cabinetry or use gray as an option. Choose colors that can help bring out the best in your kitchen cabinets. You can check out ideas online to get started.

Add more light fixtures

If you cannot afford to tear down kitchen walls to increase more natural lighting, you can add light fixtures like under-cabinetry lighting to make your kitchen space functional and beautiful.

Is black an option for you?

You will need to read all the pros and cons to decide if this option is the right for you. If it is, then use the shared tips to improve the aesthetics and function of your kitchen space.  


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