Atlanta interior designer transforms ordinary kitchen into cooking wonderland

“I do love that bowl centerpiece,” Morse said. “It is one of my favorites! It’s from a local store in Atlanta called Acquisitions. The other statement pieces I love are the dining table chandelier and the hanging pendant lights over the kitchen table area. Both make bold statements but still go with the design of the home. They are noticed!”

It’s those bold statements that transformed the space into something more. For any others looking to give their kitchen a new personality, Morse has some advice to turn that standard interior design endeavor into something special.

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“First, homeowners need to evaluate their kitchen to see what is salvageable vs. what needs to be gutted,” she said. “In this home, we were able to use the existing cabinets and just painted them. The clients loved the cabinet layout and, other than some chipping, the cabinets were in good condition. Not having to replace the cabinets saved the homeowners money, and that’s where a designer comes in. For things like cabinets and appliances, you can save money and time, as COVID lead times for high end appliances can take up to a year.

“Paint your cabinets, add new hardware to existing cabinets, update your lighting, paint the walls, and change the counters on just the island,” she said. “Even just doing one will freshen up your kitchen!

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