Blue dining room ideas: this classic colour serves up style

Choosing a colour scheme for a room can feel like a massive decision, so choosing a trusted tone takes the pressure off. After all, there’s a reason why blue dining room ideas are a classic. The perennially popular colour suits every aspect, from warm-toned south-facing rooms to the cool natural light in a north-facing space. It also works well with a myriad of other shades, making it the ultimate in flexible decor. 

Which means, whether you have a separate dining roo (opens in new tab)m that you can decorate in a standalone style, or you need to integrate a dining area into your kitchen or an open-plane space, blue is the ideal option. And with so many shades to choose from, ranging from palest pastel blue to the deepest blue-black, there’s an option to suit you and your home.

Blue dining room ideas

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