Celebrity IOU fans impressed with Drew Barrymore’s renovation ideas for her best friend’s home

Celebrity IOU season 5 episode 8 aired on HGTV this Monday, January 2, at 8 pm ET. In the episode, Drew Barrymore surprised her best friend and make-up artist of 20 years, Debra Ferullo, by renovating her living room, kitchen, and outer deck with the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Unlike some celebrities, Drew decided to hang out with the Property Brothers for several weeks and made some influential decisions about the changes being made in the house. She helped the Celebrity IOU experts demolish the kitchen cabinets and patio doors using a sledgehammer. She also used a saw to cut the deck’s wire and boundary.

That apart, she bought a customized stove using her connections in an Italian hardware company and was easily able to make some serious design decisions, like the railings and wires of the deck, on a video call.

Barrymore made a terrible mistake when she used a drill in full power, almost injuring Jonathan and ruining a part of the patio door, but the Celebrity IOU hosts told her that it could be easily filled. Despite having to travel to another state for a shoot, the actress allowed the Property Brothers to call her anytime.

The brothers were also impressed by her insights while choosing the hardwood tiles and the color of the kitchen’s island. They felt that Drew knew more than some of the other renovation experts and told Debra that her house was renovated with “so much love” from her friend.

Celebrity IOU fans were impressed with Drew’s bold choices in the episode and praised her renovation style.

@DrewBarrymore Watching an episode of that HGTV house show and OMG your choices were beautiful. And I learned a new word: moire! ❤️

Celebrity IOU fans get emotional over Drew Barrymore’s close bond with Debra

In the episode, Debra called Drew her “cheerleader” and the latter told her that they would be together until their deaths. Debra said that Drew’s family and her background were very different, but together they were each other’s “ride-or-die.”

Fans were touched by the close friendship between the two ladies and praised Drew for looking out for her best friend.

@MrDrewScott @DrewBarrymore Loved the episode. Always love your ideas. I especially was touched by the genuine caring between Drew and her friend. Everyone should be so lucky. Susan.

drew barrymore is the cutest human alive

LOLLL @DrewBarrymore calling the pot-filler “the water thing” — as would I. 🤣 I’m like yup, that’s what it is. 🤣 (Also Deb’s renovation was gorgeous! I love their friendship!) #CelebrityIOU @hgtv

What else happened on Celebrity IOU season 5 episode 6?

HGTV’s description of the episode, titled Drew Barrymore’s Spectacular Reno Surprise, read:

“Superstar Drew Barrymore calls on Jonathan and Drew to gift her best friend and makeup artist of 20 years with a life-changing renovation. After several tough years, Drew delivers a spectacular home makeover fit for the next chapter of her friend’s life.”

This week on Celebrity IOU, Drew revealed that her friend Debra had been there for her for the past 20 years and even supported her during her divorce and changed life circumstances.

Barrymore further added that Debra recently went through a divorce herself and had to fight a lot for her home, which has not been worked upon since it was purchased.

She also flaunted her new tattoo, which read, “Home is where we are.”

Join us and the one and only @DrewBarrymore as we work to gift her best friend and makeup artist of 20 years a life-changing renovation in a tight time frame on tonight’s episode of #CelebIOU at 9|8c on @HGTV 🥰🛠️ https://t.co/s4uqQhkwfI

The Celebrity IOU hosts found the house to be very open yet lacking some storage. They also did not like the fractured tiles and replaced them with some light hardfloor ones. They built an island with black tiles in the kitchen and replaced the shelves. The property brothers had five weeks to complete renovations and expand the outer deck.

Debra loved the changes and said that it “surpassed all expectations.”

Celebrity IOU airs on HGTV every Monday at 9 pm ET. The show features twin brothers and renovation experts Drew and Jonathan Scott helping celebrities transform the houses of their loved ones.

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