Colony hotel in Palm Beach unveils renovated and redesigned guest rooms

It’s a big year for the gorgeous slice of Palm Beach hospitality known as the Pink Paradise.

In addition to celebrating its 75th anniversary, The Colony recently unveiled its renovated and redesigned guest rooms and suites. 

“We desire each guest room to be a luxurious representation of the Palm Beach way of life, generously imbued with The Colony’s unique sense of playfulness, with special attention dedicated to how our guests experience the space,” said Colony owner and President Sarah Wetenhall. 

The work is part of an overall renovation project that began at the hotel four years ago, she said during a panel on the guest room updates held Dec. 2 in The Colony’s ballroom. 

Wetenhall was joined for the discussion by key members of the redesign project, including Kemble Interiors founder Mimi McMakin, Isabel Elliman of Schumacher Hospitality, Nadia Amirpashaie of de Gournay custom wallpapers, Society Social founder Roxy Owens and Brown Jordan Chief Brand Officer Steve Jordan. The panel was moderated by Palm Beach native and author Jennifer Ash Rudick.

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