Diwali 2022: Renovate your home this festive season with these home decor ideas

Festival celebrations have evolved where every aspect of the celebration, from the house décor and dress to the delectable cuisines, has a newfound emotion. Decking out areas to accommodate the fluidity of our lifestyle has recently caught up with the trend and with today’s evolutionary design solutions and purpose-driven home décor items, altering a place to accommodate modern-day festivities is easier than ever.

While individuals are busy shopping for clothes and accessories this festive season, they often need to buy new furniture and redecorate their homes on Diwali. People tend to celebrate this festival with many group activities and gatherings.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Lalitesh Mandrekar, General Manager of Design at Godrej Interio, shared, “To ensure that these gatherings are pleasurable and comfortable for the visitors, house spaces should be accommodating, with more sitting capacity for easy movement and sturdy, durable furniture to host friends & family coming home to revel in the festivities. People prefer to buy a single product as a statement piece rather than purchasing in bulk. It is simple to achieve by keeping sofas and chairs near the walls and leaving some free space in the centre of the living room.”

He added, “Module kitchens combine functionality and compactness with aesthetics to create an ambiance that is both vibrant and functional. Our own lives are altering as a result of exposure to global lifestyles and cultures. This alters our perception of kitchens. Kitchens are no longer dingy corners reserved for a woman’s abode; instead, they have evolved into places to socialise and celebrate, which is why open kitchens with island units are popular.”

AR Jayakiran Pidikondala, Founder and Principal Architect of Shilpalaya Associates, opined, “The natural, warm, and brilliant light from a diya can’t be matched. As a result, to make your house more lively and welcoming for the celebrations, you may use handcrafted diyas or scented candles. Being a festival of lights, small battery LED serial light put in a nice colored bottle and placed on top of a corner table would add a nice touch to the room. Battery-run LED candle on top of a table and nice colored Lenin cloth on top of it will make a nice corner attraction piece. You may create or buy your own lanterns, use as many candles as you wish and even add some color by placing them in colored glass holders or glass lanterns. If you want to add a touch of class to your tables and desks, try using floating candles and adding colorful flower petals to create the perfect ambiance.”

Mustafa Johar, Co-Founder and CEO of Makemyhouse.com, asserted that a nicely decorated home generates a welcoming atmosphere that contributes to the festive mood. Particularly in the years after Covid, people are attempting to incorporate sustainable practices into every part of their life, including home decor. He suggested, “One of the best ways to go green is to use sustainable, eco-friendly products to decorate your home. Decorating your home with environmentally friendly or even locally produced things while keeping your sense of style in mind allows you to make a statement. Indoor plants and fresh flowers are the best ways to make a space vibrant. You can use fresh flowers along with your dining and coffee tables, and place colorful vases or floral arrangements on top of your side tables.”

Given that there is no shortage of colour when it comes to flowers, he advised to be careful to pick the right shades. He said, “A decorative nameplate and some colorful flower torans on the door are essential for a festive home. It is undeniable that curtains always have the ability to significantly improve the appearance and ambiance of a space. Curtains with brightly patterned and flowery designs will brighten up your space. Another wonderful and sustainable way of home decor is to recycle used and outdated personal items while creating gorgeous and brand-new décor out of old and used decor.”

The festive season is the ideal time of year to give your property a fresh new look and Diwali is about more than just adorning your home with lights and diyas. It is also about cleaning, decorating and arranging the interiors of homes to establish the mood for the festive season.

As we prepare to celebrate a successful occasion, Narendra Rahurikar, Managing Director at D’fine Arts, recommended a few makeover ideas for Diwali home décor:

⦁ Festive Colour Combinations

Diwali is the Festival of Lights, and it represents the role of light in combating and defeating darkness in the world. However, lighting and colours are inextricably linked. The colours and shades we use in our houses establish our tastes and aesthetics. Keep in mind that colours set the tone for the festive evening when renovating for Diwali this year. Trendy colour combos include purple and hot orange, yellow and grey, and pink and green.

⦁ Upcycle and Recycle

These are the times when we must take any and all steps we can to contribute to sustainability and the environment. As a result, when renovating your area this Diwali, bear in mind to employ any item that may be reused or repurposed. An old cushion can be repurposed to become coasters or creative wall hangings, and plastic bottles can be upcycled to produce mosaics or slick furniture pieces that will impress your friends.

⦁ Material Selection and Sourcing

Once your plans and 3Ds are complete, plan and purchase all of the materials required before beginning the renovation. Keep in mind that locating these supplies may take longer than anticipated, causing unnecessary delays in your timeline. When you’re refurbishing your home during a festival, every hour counts. Remember to use eco-friendly, high-end and high-quality materials.

By following these tips, you may say yes to a clean and clutter-free home this Diwali. Also, only tackle one thing at a time otherwise it may become overwhelming!


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