How Should Your Kitchen Flooring Coordinate With Your Cabinets?

The color of your flooring and cabinets depends heavily on your interior style. Darker cabinets tend to be more traditional, especially in a brown wood tone. A rich dark color for your cabinets can also make your kitchen feel more luxurious, especially when paired with ornate or brass hardware. While darker woods can feel cozy and classic, they can make a space appear smaller. An overwhelming amount of dark wood can absorb the light and make some kitchens feel small and cave-like, mainly if the kitchen is already tiny or lacks natural light.

Pairing dark wood cabinets with lighter floors can help balance that out. Light-colored floors can make a room appear larger, according to Ottawa Diamond Flooring. By reflecting light and mimicking the illusion of space, you can add an airy effect that also helps to highlight your cabinetry. According to CabinetCorp, dark cabinets might be best suited for larger kitchens to help highlight and accent the space.

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