How To Incorporate The Grandmillennial Style Into Your Kitchen

As a design scheme based on maximalism, it can be easy to overdo the grandmillennial aesthetic in a way that leaves your living space feeling cluttered.

Imane Fiocchi, the founder of Neon Lace Company, says via The Kitchn that the key to pulling off grandmillennial decor is to start off small and add to your collection over time. “Grandmillennial style celebrates ‘collecting’ heirloom pieces in particular, but be sure to start your collections with a point of view,” she said. “Small pieces like tea cups and saucers are a great way to start, so display them for your guests and slowly collect more over time.”

Becky Nielsen, interior designer and founder of Becky Nielsen Interiors agreed, adding that “Displaying checkered or monogrammed dish towels, a vintage cookbook, a rustic bowl of apples, or a candle set on a blue and white dish add warmth and layers to your kitchen.”

She also added that starting small with a few pieces of grandmillennial decor is a good way to test the waters before deciding whether or not you are ready to commit to a space that is fully inspired by the aesthetic. Once you decide to commit, you can start to make bigger and bolder modifications like swapping out appliances and painting your kitchen cabinets and walls.

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