Jennifer Aniston’s Super-Sleek Kitchen Cabinets Are a Modern Minimalist’s Dream

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Jennifer Aniston broke the internet back in October 2019 when she joined Instagram with a very special reunion photo with her Friends co-stars. Since then, she has been rather low-key on the platform, with only 59 posts in her two years on the social media site. However, when she does post a rare Instagram snap, she certainly makes a big splash.

This week, the Rachel Green actress shared an Instagram Reel showing off her favorite breakfast smoothie recipe, soundtracked to Billy Withers’ “Lovely Day.”

“Good Morning,” Aniston captioned the clip, which has racked up over two million likes.

She then went on to list the smoothie’s impressive ingredients, which is full of chocolatey goodness and includes things like almond milk, collagen peptides, spinach, almond butter, and matcha powder.

While the smoothie looks and sounds absolutely delicious, something else in the kitchen that’s just as impressive is Aniston’s handleless cabinetry.

Both Aniston’s upper and lower cabinets have a handleless design, creating an ultra-modern look that exudes sophistication.

A modern minimalist’s dream, these type of cabinets were hugely popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s and have seen a resurgence in recent years as they give a sleek, timeless and clean look to any space.

But, just how do they work? This innovative design is a straightforward concept, and handleless cabinets can work in several different ways. The most popular, as seen in Aniston’s kitchen, are J-pull handleless cabinets.

Simply, J-pull cabinets incorporate a handle into the door or drawer itself, and a ‘J’ shaped curve is built into the kitchen cabinet for fingers to easily hook into and pull open.

Aside from the contemporary design, handleless cabinets have many positives, including improved safety, and additional space, as there’s no overhanging knobs and handles. They also give a light and airy feel to the kitchen, which is especially useful if you have a small space or an open-plan kitchen.

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