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RESTON, VA – In partnership with Climate Positive NOW, the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association has launched a new initiative to help kitchen and bath showroom and dealers educate their customers about the sustainability advantages of using wood-based materials in kitchens and cabinets. As part of the effort, the KCMA website now features new content about the Climate Positive NOW partnership as well as an infographic, explainer video, and an exclusive offer for KCMA members to join the movement.

According to new data from the Composite Panel Association (CPA), the North American composite wood used in kitchens and bathrooms in 2021 alone is sequestering over 3 million metric tons of carbon which is 1.08 million metric tons more carbon that is released by turning that wood into cabinets and substrates for countertops. That means when a composite panel is sent to a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, it has already offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its production and has the capacity to store that carbon for decades, notes the association.

“Many companies and industries say they are planning to be ‘climate positive’ by 2030 or 2040 – but our members are there now,” says KCMA CEO Betsy Natz. “That’s a big story considering research shows 23% of consumers will switch to buy products from companies that share their values on environmental issues while another 42% have changed their consumption habits based on their environmental beliefs. The partnership between KCMA and Climate Positive NOW presents a unique opportunity for our members to promote their leadership position in providing what conscientious consumers want from sustainable products.”

The new KCMA website content is a first step in promoting the role KCMA members play in creating a more sustainable world, the association adds. This movement is also part of a larger effort to create awareness of the significant positive environmental impact building material choices have on the environment and advancing a lower carbon future.

KCMA Expands Website

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