Nate Berkus and Jeramiah Brent’s new Living Spaces collection |

Designer couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have redefined interior design for decades, whether they have been influencing millions of design lovers through their inspirational television shows and social media feeds or breaking boundaries with their own renovations. From striking marble or classic flooring, their designs are bold and beautiful. Their latest – and fifth – collection for Living Spaces takes things back to basics.

‘Oftentimes when designing a collection, there’s a tendency to try and add a lot of bells and whistles,’ Nate told Homes & Gardens. ‘What was really fun for Jeremiah and I, because this is really representative of where we are at right now, is we wanted to make it clean, simple and straightforward,’ 

The collection epitomizes minimalistic living and celebrates natural design. Each item in the 42-piece collection has been designed to layer with existing home decor ideas, with a prominent focus on the living room, dining room and bedroom. 

Living room with large white sectional by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

(Image credit: Living Spaces)

One standout piece is the Marion sectional ($2,695, above), a fully customizable chaise that can be tailored to living areas of any size.

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