Raphael Kadid: Wallpaper* Future Icons

A trained architect, Raphael Kadid works from his Basel studio creating limited-edition objects that range from modular furniture to lighting. Design and architecture have always gone hand in hand for Kadid, who trained as an architect after two years of art school in Paris: ‘I was drawn to the elementary aim of architecture, as an extension of people’s activities, as well as for its rationality,’ he says. ‘We can look at buildings and appreciate their designs, when in the organisation of a well-arranged floor plan lies a more pragmatic beauty.’

From there, design was a natural progression: ‘To experiment with forms and materials, not only by drawing shapes, but also by the act of building by hand, was something I found missing [when working in architecture]. Design allows me to work on the essence of an idea, up to its physical transcription,’ he adds.


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