Should Your Kitchen Cabinets Be Lighter Than Your Walls?

According to Lick, your main objective when choosing different colors for your kitchen walls and cabinetry is to create contrast. So, in essence, it doesn’t matter if your cabinets are darker and your walls are lighter, or vice versa, because you can create interest within the design of your kitchen just by creating enough contrast. However, the colors you choose and the difference you create rely on the type of aesthetic you want to implement.

If you’re hoping to create a neutral, natural-looking design, Lick advises using warm beige, sage green, off-white, and dark gray colors. To create a balanced look with this color palette, we suggest painting the cabinets sage green and warm beige walls. We believe that making the cabinets a contrasting color will bring attention to any detailing you want to show off. The dark gray and off-white colors can be used as accents along the kitchen, either on the ceiling trim or the island base.

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