The One Room You Can Downsize During A Renovation According To HGTV’s The Renovator

While house hunting, it’s not uncommon to search for homes with one surplus bedroom, often for the many “in cases” we invariably invent. “In case we have another kid,” or “in case my parents want to stay with us for a while.” Yet, so many people end up with a guest room that gets used just a few times a year, which can over time become a cluttered, glorified closet. Indeed, you want a floor plan that works for you a majority of days throughout the year — not just when you have a friend in town.

When it comes down to it, your guests don’t need much more than a bed and a place to put their suitcases. That’s why Lemonis says this is the room to literally cut corners from in the second episode of “The Renovator.” To help his clients, he takes a few feet from the guest bedroom, which allows him to extend both the closet and bathroom of the adjacent room. So, when you’re trying to choose which room to downsize, do as Lemonis does and opt for the guest bedroom.

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