The Ultimate Guide To Biophilic Interior Decor

Besides water (and plants), biophilic decor is complemented by even more natural materials. Naturally, the style is made up of all things that give it an organic feel. The type of materials you choose to decorate with inside matters to the design. Biophilic style focuses on the inclusion of those items that are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. All-natural decor is trending in interiors and is easily adaptable for everyday surfaces.

Some elements found outside to include in a home are wood, steel, metal, wicker, stone, organic cotton, or rattan. “Wood, in my opinion, is the best material of them all: it is natural, insulating, and warm. Wood is my life – it is all about wood. I doubt we have done any projects without wood elements,” Enrico Cleva, Italian architect and interior designer, told Wood Solutions. Wood of all types is a common accent in biophilic decor as it is as plentiful in nature as the plants themselves. Wood stools, stone accent walls, and woven baskets are often detailed in biophilic-created rooms. Incorporating native materials throughout the house is a nod to the biophilic design scheme that resonates perfectly with the peaceful environment you’re creating at home.

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