Wallpaper Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

Wallpaper is having a real moment these past few years, making a comeback from the 1970s and 1980s when it adorned almost everyone’s homes. Wallpaper has a way of transforming a room from flat and dull to fabulous, and it comes in so many patterns and designs that it’s hard not to find one you love. There are a few wallpaper design trends increasing in popularity, so if you’re in the market, here are a few options to get your creative juices flowing.

Elizabeth Rees, the founder of a leading wall coverings company, Chasing Paper, shared a few gorgeous ideas that are sure to be a big hit in 2023 and beyond.

Nature-themed green wallpaper with pink background

Large-scale prints

Wallpaper makes a statement, and none more so than choosing a large-scale print. “Large-scale prints that can dominate a space are a trend that has been big this past year and will continue to stay strong,” Rees said. Large-scale prints work well in bigger rooms, like a living room or bedroom, where they can scale to the rest of the space. Whether it’s a repeating pattern or a large hand-printed mural-like print, creating interest in a wall or entire room is key. We love floral prints for this type of look.

Marble wallpaper with a vintage aesthetic

Faux texture

“A whole new trend of faux textures is taking the market by storm and will be big for 2023!” said Rees. “This trend creates the illusion of unique surfaces taking over walls.” Typically, this type of wallpaper is heavily embossed and made to look like it’s textured with wood planks, silk, grass, leather, or tile. This works well on textured walls that you want to cover, like plaster, or areas that have cracked over time.

Green wallpaper with pink art deco sofa design

Bring back the 1970s

We love anything that brings back the vintage and dramatic feel of the 1970s, and Rees agrees. “From classic art deco to larger scaled retro geometrics, we often see trends from fashion translate into decor trends; these have been seen on runways for the last couple of seasons and will find their way to wallpaper in 2023.” Think large geometric patterns, floral prints in antique colors, and using oranges, yellows, and greens to give a throwback feel to any room. We love this idea in a powder room or guest room to really make a statement.

Hanging wallpaper in the kitchen

Muted maximalism

Similar to a 1970s pattern and design, maximalist wallpaper is bold and beautiful. “Look for bold designs with larger motifs in soft tones,” Rees advises. “These play well into bringing back some neutral colors into a maximalist era.” This wallpaper is perfect for a kitchen or dining area where you want some design but don’t need it to overpower the space. It offers just enough personality but allows other decor to shine.

You can use wallpaper on any wall or room that needs an uplift. It gives character to any space and offers a design that you can’t get from decor alone. We love these ideas, and implementing one or all of these into your home will bring you screaming into 2023.

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